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Friday, May 10, 2013

My Predictions for Outcome of Elections 2013.

First of all, please allow me to clear one thing: I am not voting in these elections because I support Musarrat Shaheen and unfortunately Election Commission of Pakistan refused to transfer my vote to her constituency.
Second of all, these are just analyses / predictions and don't really reflect my support (or animosity) towards any political party.
Third of all, don't vote because it's your responsibility: vote because it is your right.
Without further ado, following are the predictions for the outcome of Elections 2013:
PML-N's Prediction: We will return to power Insha Allah.

PPP's Prediction: We will remain in power Insha Allah.

JUI-F's Prediction: We will be part of the new government as well Insha Allah.

PTI's Prediction: We will secure landslide victory Insha Allah.

My Prediction: PML-N will form a coalition government in center with the help of PPP. They'll re-elect Zardari as president for the next five years. Things will deteriorate over the years but the president will keep on intervening and saving the day for the next five years. PTI will secure 40 to 60 seats in National Assembly and will form a strong opposition.

On provincial level, PTI will secure provincial government, maybe Punjab. Imran Khan will make radical changes and concrete improvements in the province. Based on his performance, he'll have his victory in the elections of 2018.

Or maybe there will be another election in 2015 where PTI will win and form a coalition government.

Please take this for what it is: an analysis / prediction.

Thank you for the time you've spent here.

1 comment:

samira Balouch said...

Maybe u r rt but I don't understand how pmln wil face ppl if forms coalition government wit ppp. Disaster it sounds